Bourbon Roadtrip

As the summer comes to a close, I have one more roadtrip planned. The main cause for this roadtrip is a gaming convention called Quakecon that is taking place in Dallas, TX next week, but I’m making a wide swing from New Orleans to Chicago, visiting a few friends and relatives along the way. As the title indicates, I am calling this my “Bourbon Roadtrip” because I am going to be spending 2 days in Kentucky, the home of some of the best bourbons in the US and I’m planning on visiting as many distilleries as I have time for! I have 3 weeks planned for this trip and will be trying to post as many stories as I can on here, through my newly installed iPhone WordPress app!

The current itinerary includes:

  • Leave today for Pittsburgh with a roommate along for the ride until Cincinnati. Dinner with my family that night.
  • Monday the 10th, drop off my friend in Cincinnati, hit up the bourbon trail in Kentucky, and then wind up in Daniel Boone National Park to camp out for the night! I have no reservations for the park, I’m just going to drive into the woods and pitch my tent somewhere.
  • Tuesday the 11th, wake up with the sun and show up at Mammoth Caves for 6 hours of tours inside the camp, including the “Introduction to Caving” and “Violet City Lantern” tours! This is going to be a great time, I already know.
  • Wednesday, I spend 12 hours driving to Dallas!
  • 12th-15th in Dallas, TX at Quakecon.
  • 16-17th Austin, TX staying with a friend
  • 18th Houston, TX for a day! No clue where I am staying or what I am doing.
  • 19-21th in New Orleans at the hotel Le Cirque. Plenty of bars and restaurants that have been suggested to try out! I cannot wait to sample all the cajun food!
  • 22nd driving to Memphis, TN and having some great ribs.
  • 23rd Saint Louis to visit my aunt.
  • 24-28th visiting my cousins in Chicago.
  • 29th in Columbus, OH, staying with another friend, I hope!
  • Home by the 30th.

Here is the map of my route, starting and ending in Rochester:

View Larger Map

I imagine that I am going get into a bunch of trouble, spend way too much money, eat too much, and totally love the entire experience! Traveling is something I have come to cherish and I cannot wait to hit the road for this adventure. If anyone has suggestions for things to do or see along the route, please leave a comment!

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  1. Sounds like a blast! You should’ve told me about the Mammoth Caves visit – I have family friends that are park rangers there.

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