Another Year Gone

It was my birthday early this week and I am now 24 years old. Kind of a boring milestone in the grand scheme of things, I don’t get cheaper car insurance until next year, despite the fact that I’ve driven tens of thousands of miles since I got my license at 17 and am still accident free. In this past year, I’ve come to better understand the personal affect that birthdays have on. More so, I’ve come to better appreciate the well wishes that my friends grant on me. I’ve really begun to understand the importance of friends and relationships. Friends and family are lifelong and that has begun to mean a great deal to me.

I feel I have always cared for my friends and family in my past. I’ve never been a very emotional person, much more logical and practical in my mind, but there have always been important people in my life who I have cared for: my parents, my relatives, my random assortment of friends. The traveling and moving that took place during my childhood limited myself from having long and close connections with people. It was something that never organically grew into my life. Even when I did live in Germany for 7 years, the longest still that I’ve ever lived in one place, I was content playing by myself with Legos on Saturday mornings. But over this last year, I’ve finally created some close relationships with friends. I visited friends in Europe after years apart. I visited friends in San Francisco after months apart. I drove across the country and made a bunch of new friends. Being able to see my friends after time apart and really feel glad to see them, to be interested in what has changed in their life, to see those changes and recount other ones, has been new and fulfilling. Whether due to time passing or actually reaching a new level of maturity and understand, I am unsure. But I am glad to have these connections now and cherish them more than ever.

In major milestones, I graduated from college this year. I acquired a real job and am moving into my own apartment next week. I am happy that my life is in order. I guess I have joined the working world, after wandering around the world as a traveler in college. I’m building my savings and starting to save money. I don’t for see many traveling related posts on here as I adjust to settling down, but we’ll see what happens.  Time will tell!

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