Eurotrip 09

To make the most of my current freedom and lack of job, I’ve been planning a backpacking trip around Europe, to visit some old friends I haven’t seen in awhile and visit some new places. I will categorize this as a “backpacking” trip, since I will be carrying my clothes around in my largest backpack, but I won’t be hiking around like some backpackers. It is a goal to illustrate my journey here on this blog through writing and pictures, hopefully during the journey, instead of after the fact, like my many other trips.


The main stops for my trip are a weekend in NYC, 3 weeks in Slovenia, 1 week in Stockholm, and 1 week in Amsterdam. I am currently a few days into the trip, writing this post from NYC. My itinerary includes:

  • Dec 4th, fly from PIT to JFK.
  • Dec 9th, fly from JFK to LJU (Ljubljana, the capitol of Slovenia)
  • Around Dec 30ish, get to Stockholm somehow.
  • Around Jan 7th, get to Amsterdam.
  • January 13th, fly AMS to PIT.

I’m hoping to fit some snowboarding in during my time in Slovenia, in the Alps. The timing for some of these places is still up in the air right now and I need to figure that out once I get to Slovenia, which will be this Wednesday. I am quite ready to head to Europe!

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  1. I see gloves & goggles. Ski!

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