The Gods Must Be Crazy

I sit here tonight with a glass of wine, watching a wonderful movie called “The Gods Must Be Crazy.” It was released in 1980 but I’m still salvaging something of value from it.

It follows the story of a simple tribe of hunter gatherers in Africa, a group of people who take life for what it is, living in the harsh desert and enjoying life. There is no hate, no greed, no possession, just life and survival. It’s something that I wish I could enjoy. The movie then contrasts modern day life, with how modern man adapts his environment to suit him. Modern man must spend 18 years in school learning to adapt to his environment and as someone in school, learning to adapt currently, I found this quite amusing. Why do we spent almost a quarter of our lives to learning how to live, how to adapt, rather than just enjoying what we have. I’m torn sometimes between continuing my education and stable environment versus moving to Canada and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. I think it’s smart to always challenge what you hold dear and this was simple movie provides another interesting example of doing so.

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