Thanksgiving Break

Well, it’s been another long while, but that won’t stop me. I write here as an enjoyment, although it’s also a bit of a luxury to find the time to write. The last two weeks have been a mix of activity: finals and then Thanksgiving break travels. Finals weren’t that bad all things considered, I passed my classes and am incredibly happy to be done with that godforsaken quarter. As for my travels over the last week, I spent some time in Buffalo, NY, Pittsburgh, PA, Point Pleasant, NJ, and Philly, PA visiting friends and relaxing. It’s been a tough quarter, I can take a break, right? I wound up driving around 1400 miles, which gave me a good deal of time to reflect. I arrived home Sunday night with this week left empty, so I can focus and get some work done.

I’ve already spent Monday watching movies, so perhaps I will start working today. For the rest of this week, my rough agenda is as follows:

  • Get back on track with the gym and running
  • Read up about 2 specific new programming languages: XNA, Obj-C or something.
  • Refresh my basic programming skills: Java
  • Organize my contacts and get them sync on Google, my Blackberry, and my address book.
  • Organize my photos and release my “background collection.”
  • Find an internship! Send out more resumes.

Well, time to get started. No need to procrastinate anymore.

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