Berlin Part 2

For our third and final day in Berlin, we checked out some of the more interesting things we had noticed from yesterday’s tour of the city. We started out going to the Egyptian Museum to check out the different collections. The top floor was the actual Egyptian part and the bottom was more Greek/Roman relics. I tried doing the audio tour, with the personal device and headphones, which turned out to be really helpful. I loved the bust of Queen Nerfertiti the most, it is probably the most famous artifact the museum has, it dates back to 1350 BC. We toured the bottom part of the museum too, and then wandered around some more.

Eventually we made it over to the Deutsches Technikmuseum which was simply amazing. German technical museums are simply the best I’ve ever seen, the building was like 6 stories high and HUGE! They had an entire Norwegian viking ship inside, multiple boats, planes, trains, everything. Everything has notes cataloging and explaining itself, although they were in German, they still helped. You can walk inside and touch everything too. They had a brewery too, but it was already closed by the time we came. I would highly recommend this place.

From there, we headed to the Sony Plaza, some giant half indoors/outdoors plaza that Sony built or something. They had a Sony store, along with lots of cafes and lights, but our main reason was to see an IMAX 3D show. We ended up going to see the Cirque du Soleil show. I would love to see it live, but 3D was almost as good. German IMAX theaters are another great experience that I would really suggest, the huge screen, booming speakers, and of course 3D, are awesome.

It was growing dark by that time, so we tried to find a party! Our German friends in Heidelberg had given us a “Berlin Culture Guide” from like the 80s, in full German mind you. I managed to decipher where some bars/clubs were in town, so we headed to the way outskirts of town. We found some random place with music playing, we knocked on the door, and got buzzed in. We walk in and we are the only ones there! After grabbing a beer, we talk with the bartender and learn a really important lesson: parties really don’t start in Germany until like 12-2AM and then go until the sunrises. It was already like 11:30PM, but we couldn’t stay up anymore. We head back to our hostel and crash. In the morning, we woke up, took our time, and headed to Munich for Oktoberfest!

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